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Hi, I'm Soum and Soum WILD is my personal Wildlife & Pets Instagram account coined on my name i.e. Soum.

NOTE: We are running a SALE from 10 September to 20 September.
Prices are reduced by 60% than usual.
Limited time offer. Prices WILL increase after sale ends.

We have an average of 30k story views and over 60,000 interactions per week [profile visits + website clicks + email clicks]

Our total weekly impressions of posts is 10,000,000 [10M] on average.

Our audience stats are:

Top countries

United States - 18%
Brazil - 9%
India - 6%
Turkey - 3%
Mexico- 3%


45% Women
55% men

Our audience is highly passionate towards environment and wildlife. They are also compassionate towards pets especially dogs, cats, and a wide variety of pets including hamsters and snakes! [By a poll we did on our story]

Our followers sees us an authority.

Most highest engagement rate Instagram wildlife & pets


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  • Member Since: May 3, 2019
  • Type: Personal This influencer posts personal content often including themselves in it.

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