Influencer Campaigns

Reach influencers at scale with custom UGC Videos

How it works:


Step 1. Setup a quick Campaign (10 min)

Provide a quick campaign brief, post requirements, and example videos (if you have any). Set your targeting options & launch your campaign.


Step 2. We notify Influencers

Based on your targeting criteria, we notify relevant influencers about your campaign, and guide them to making the best videos.


Step 3. Influencers Post Videos

Creators post your video on social media and provide you with a link. You approve or deny the video (if approved, we track the views).


Step 4. Pay only for results.

We track the views and monitor for suspicious activity (fake views) thanks to our FameAudit software. You pay on a CPM basis, and only for organic views.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the cost?

Our campaign minimums depend on the type of product you are promoting. Contact us to find out the latest pricing.

Can you provide views from (X) country?

We track views by geography they came from, you're able to filter out unwanted countries and only pay for countries you want.

What about fraudulent views?

Thanks to our FameAudit software, we are experienced and seasoned in this field. We track anomalies and fraud views and block them with ease.

Can we keep the videos?

Yes, you can keep the creatives influencers make, it's part of our offering. You can even whitelist the videos and run paid ads later.

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