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Get A+ traffic for cheap, our current stats show we have mostly USA women(76%) following our page, then it’s UK, Canada and France. You can even check it by reading the comments in my posts.

Our audience is mostly 25-34 yo. You get top traffic from a very loved page, all real fans!

Engagement is high on images(10k-25k likes) but can also be high on videos, our current record is 1.2 millon views on a cat cellphone case ad! Not a viral pet video, but an ad! 

As we are new to the shoutcart, we are trying to get the most clients before increasing the prices to match the market prices here so take advantage of our cheap prices NOW before they go up soon.

We will be glad to work with you for growing your animals page, pet store, brand, etc.


P.S :

-We reserve the right to only post ads or content that fits best with our account theme, followers taste and comply with Instagram Terms of Service.

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