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This is my official Forrie J. Smith Instagram account, and I have been an actor for some 40 years and more prominently as "Lloyd" the older cowboy, "cowboss" in the bunkhouse  on the #1 cable TV Show YELLOWSTONE! I am now considered one of the major lead role actors on the show!

The demographics for my Instagram account ( only 7 months old):

80% of my  followers also follow the official Yellowstone Instagram Account.

72% of my followers also follow the official Cole Hauser22 (Rip) Instagram account


Post Insight Reach on Average: 35K to 100K

Profile Visits: Average: 5000

Post Engagement with Followers Everyday: 100%

Impressions:  Average 50K

Audience: People who love America, love of God, its values, hard work, patriotism, history, Rodeos, women and men's Western Wear, Country Music, Country Dancing, Saloons, boots, belts, cowboy hats, jeans, beer, cocktails, dogs, whiskey, men's cologne, men's



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  • Member Since: July 30, 2020
  • Type: Personal This influencer posts personal content often including themselves in it.

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