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Hello ! I just wanna earn some extra cash because i'm a single .

So... i'll be glad to promote any niche! 


Video sponsorship:

Mention/endorse the brand in beginning and end of your videoPlace a link in description of your videoEncourage viewers to checkout the company, buy the product or use the service


If you buy ,,Video Sponsorship " i'll create 1 YouTube SHORT for FREE !


Video Creation:

Create a video endorsing the product/service you are advertisingPlace a given link in description of your created videoReview / Favorite Dedicated video in which you will provide a review of your experience with promoted product/service and talk about product/service features, and why you favor it.


If you buy ,, Video Creation "  i'll create another 5 YouTube SHORTS for FREE !


YouTube Shorts:

21 Shorts posted generated 643.946 views!

Romanian audi



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