I will be your social media brand ambassador for food fitness brand travel business and or entertainment niches

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I will promote your brand's product on my YouTube Shorts, TikTok, or other short video (like instagram reels) with a link in my bio/description

3 day delivery

I will create a full-length YouTube video AND blog post sent to my email subscribers to help bring trust and encourage people to try/buy/get your promotional offer or giveaway. You will get full engagement stats so you know exactly how your video performed and so you can run future promotions more profitably (for example, by using audience retention to help us decide which parts of our promotional content are being watched/rewatched/engaged with more than others -> future videos will feature more of what people are watching and less of what makes my followers click away).

3 day delivery

This is reserved for more customized promotions (such as club giveaways, LiveStream giveaways, or other more-in-depth ways to get your products out there). Details must be discussed before ordering.

5 day delivery

About This Gig

I will review your product and talk about the results it will bring my audience


YouTube 350+ Followers

TikTok: 2400+ followers, average TikTok live score top 4%, 450+ live audience, main topics: fitness, entrepreneurship, food recipes, general entertainment.

Instagram (Private but high engagement): 1,000+ followers: 55/45 male : female

All promotions are customized to your brand, and base rates ARE NOT negotiable.


What I CAN do for your brand:

I will cater the experience of your shoutout to fit your brand message.   

You will reach my audience and grow quality exposure organically and with native positioning.

I will intelligently craft your shoutouts to appear at timely points in my video when my viewers are likely be most captivated by my energy and the content of what I'm saying.

Your shoutout will highlight what I like most about your brand/product.****

(****NOTE: I have to be honest.  I will let you know what I think about your product before I post your shoutout and before I charge you for the post).

My creative expertise and relationships may be your foot in the door with a new audience.  Let's see if we can turn this into a quality win-win project!

Message me now to get rolling.

I look forward to working with you!



PS Check out important disclaimers and regulations below:

I CANNOT guarantee sales (nor can anyone).  

Requests I WILL NOT accommodate:

I will not promote unethical products.  I also do not promote products I do not personally use or have never tried.  You may request your marketing department to arrange a PR Kit, Trial, or Sample item be sent to me to review prior to determining if I would like to run a shoutout featuring your brand.

I will not accept commission for any shoutouts.  Please do not ask or even propose the idea of this.


Any other questions, just ask.  Look forward to working with you!






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