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$600 Max Payout
Campaign Information


Max Payout Maximum you can earn per video if you reach the view cap


Min Payout Minimum you will earn per video if you reach min views
Min Views / per video Minimum amount of views required per video to qualify for minimum payout 5k
View Cap / per video Maximum amount of views per video, after which the earnings will be capped. Views may go over this amount, but the earnings will be capped at Max Payout 600k
Campaign Budget Available budget for this campaign shared between all entries and submissions $ 25000
Campaign is Completed Ends on Dec 17, 2023
100% Complete (success)

Campaign Goals

We are looking for creators to promote Fameswap platform to entrepreneurs through Instagram Reels. Fameswap is a place where you can buy social media accounts (helpful for new start-ups and brands), or a way to make money by selling  social media accounts.


  • 👀 Clearly mention Fameswap brand name in your video.
  • 💰 Mention that entrepreneurs can earn money (by selling accounts and pages) and that Fameswap could be a source of income.
  • 💰 OR mention that entrepreneurs / existing businesses can jumpstart their social media brand (by buying an account).
  • 💎 Include Fameswap homepage screenshot or Fameswap logo in the video.
  • 📹 Submit the video, get paid based on views.
  • 🇺🇸 USA, Canada, UK, and Australia views only.

Example Videos

Please take a look at these TikTok videos as an example of what video you could make on your Instagram channel:

Video 1

Video 2

Creative Ideas

Ways to make money, side hustles, ways to earn additional income, etc.


About the Product/Service Use this information to create a story in your video

On Fameswap you can browse through 15,000 listings of Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channels for sale in various sizes. You can sort by category and niche, or you can sort by size and engagement. You can also order audience reports to view the demographics of each channel and browse by seller ratings