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Campaign Information


Max Payout Maximum you can earn per video if you reach the view cap


Min Payout Minimum you will earn per video if you reach min views
Min Views / per video Minimum amount of views required per video to qualify for minimum payout 500
View Cap / per video Maximum amount of views per video, after which the earnings will be capped. Views may go over this amount, but the earnings will be capped at Max Payout 5k
Campaign Budget Available budget for this campaign shared between all entries and submissions $ 500
Campaign is Completed Ends on Dec 23, 2023
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Campaign Goals

We are looking to generate awareness for our website and partner long-term with influencers who can drive “ready-to-purchase” visitors to our website. We must promote authenticity/trust to the audience and emphasize that we are offering up to 70% discount on brand RRP. 

  1. 🌎 We deliver worldwide
  2. 📦 We offer free express shipping as standard.
  3. 👜 We offer luxury designer wallets, handbags, sunglasses, watches, shoes and accessories.


You must mention the following points in the video:

  • 🌎 We deliver worldwide.
  • 📦 We offer free express shipping as standard. 
  • 👜 We sell 100% Authentic products and offer up to 70% discounts.
  • 🚨You must tag @luxurydesignerwallets our Instagram account
  • 🚨 You must invite @luxurydesignerwallets as a collaborator on the reel, in case we want to feature your video on our feed
  • You will be paid for US and UK views

Creative Ideas

The focus of the video should be on discounts, and quick and free delivery. We offer luxury designer wallets, handbags, sunglasses, watches, shoes and accessories. We are open to suggestions, we are looking for creative ideas on IG reels. 


About the Product/Service Use this information to create a story in your video

The inspiration for creating came from our desire to offer luxury designer pieces at affordable prices for everyone. We believe that everyone deserves a little bit of luxury at an affordable price.

Exclusive Designer Pieces 

At we have collated an exquisite selection of products from leading designers, brands, and collections around the world, with new and exclusive products added daily.

Our 100% Authenticity Guarantee offers a 100% Authenticity Guarantee with all purchases for complete peace of mind.

Save Up To 70% With Our Discounts is able to offer significant discounts to our customers because our designer products are either from past seasons, discontinued lines or purchased in bulk through our exclusive partnership with the brands directly and authorized brand dealers around the