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Actress, Singer and Fashion/Beauty Influencer Liz Elias, has been creating quite a buzz in the fashion industry.

Starting off her career as Mia on the nominated show "Every Witch Way" on Nickelodeon, she continues to make a fashion statement on every carpet event.  She was named "best dressed" by ET, Hollywood Life, The Huffington Post, ET Canada and several other media outlets at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.  Liz continues her career as a singer with her new single release, "At Night," featuring award-winning artist, Flo Rida and is expected to release more music very soon.

​Liz's goal is to continue to encourage, inspire, and educate women of all ages across every continent with her own style, beauty tips, and fashion influence.  She believes that fashion is freedom and that's a way to express yourself. Liz also believes that beauty comes from within and that no mat



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