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Instagram story promotion (twice), promo comments on popular accounts, 5 reddit posts in popular reddit communities

1 day delivery

Instagram story promotion (3 times), promo comments on 10 popular accounts, 5 reddit posts in 7 popular reddit communities plus direct messageing

1 day delivery

Same as the other two packages plus direct personal messages on facebook and instagram , and 10 posts on pinterest.

1 day delivery

About This Gig

For this gig i will do a full blown worldwide promotion! 

Bronze package: promotion on my personal instagram page (600 followers) and 2 posts a day on 3 reddit communities 


Silver: promo on  my personal instagram and promo comments on 7 posts on popular accounts and 5 reddit posts in 7 reddit communities


Gold: all of the above plus personal promotions on instagram, facebook, reddit and pinterest! 

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