Why Your YouTube Videos Are Not Getting Views

Why Your YouTube Videos Are Not Getting Views

YouTube has become a go-to platform for creators seeking to monetize their content creation skills. Additionally, YouTube is a great marketing tool for businesses looking to reach a wider audience, as it boasts over two billion active users monthly.

However, the success of any YouTube channel depends on its ability to attract viewers and engage them with the content. But why are some videos not getting views? This article explains why your YouTube videos are not getting ideas and what to do about it.

The Importance of YouTube Video Views

Practically every YouTube user pays attention to video views after uploading the content to the platform. When content creators see a decrease in the number of views, it makes them nervous.

A logical question appears: Why are my Youtube videos not getting views? How can I solve this problem?

Before diving into why your YouTube videos are not getting views, it is essential to understand why video views are so valuable.

  • Influence the YouTube Algorithm. YouTube uses an algorithm to recommend videos to its users. But the algorithm considers other factors besides content quality, such as the number of views and engagement a video has to determine if your video has valuable content and whether it is worth recommending to other viewers. So, when your video has many views and high engagement, you can be sure that the algorithm will prioritize it over videos with fewer views and less attention. This ensures more people cover your content, leading to more potential subscribers and customers.
  • Attract More YouTube Subscribers. YouTube subscribers are critical for any channel, ensuring a steady stream of views with every upload. Having an active base of subscribers also builds credibility in the eyes of new viewers interested in what you offer. So, having more video views increases your videos' exposure and helps build trust among new viewers who may decide to become subscribers after viewing your content.
  • Earn More Money on the Platform. Video views are essentially money for any YouTube content creator as they are needed to be eligible for monetization. Also, the amount you earn is calculated based on the number of views your video has. This means having more views will enable you to make more money from YouTube.

The bottom line? The total number of Youtube video views has affect on your presence and growth. And if your videos don't get views, it's a sign to bother about your content and fix it.

Here are some common reasons why your YouTube videos may not get views and what you can do to fix it.

1. You Don't Invest Time into Crafting a Video Cover

Having an attractive video cover that accurately portrays the content of your video is essential for attracting viewers. The cover should be eye-catching and provide enough information so viewers know what to expect from your video.

Video cover is also known as video thumbnails, and YouTube allows content owners to customize them. Investing time in creating a nice-looking video thumbnail may help your videos stand out from the competition and attract more views.

Here’s an example of using video covers from one basketball player: