Instagram Creator Profiles: Should You Make a Switch?

Instagram Creator Profiles: Should You Make a Switch?

With 2 billion monthly active users and the most-engaged user base, Instagram has quickly become a popular tool for businesses and influencers to reach their target audience.

As a photo-sharing app, where visual learners spend much time scrolling the feeds, Instagram remains the top platform for influencer marketing. The demand for influencer endorsements is constantly growing, so it's no wonder that individuals are joining Instagram, some to showcase their lifestyles, interests, or talents, the platform is increasingly becoming a popular hub for content creators.

Brands have identified this growing number as an opportunity to promote their services and products organically. But for the longest time, content creators have been using business accounts with limited features.

Things changed in 2018 when Instagram announced the launch of its creator profile. It is a new account type between business and personal profiles, one that was designed with the sole purpose of helping content creators reach more people and engage their followers better.

Here's the informative visual on the main Instagram profile types and their differences:

If you create content for brands and make money on Instagram, switching to an Instagram creator profile can be a good idea. This article discusses all Instagram creator profiles and whether you should switch.

What Should You Know About Instagram Creator Profiles

Also known as creator profiles, a creator account is a type of an Instagram profile designed specifically for content creators and influencers.

It was developed to help them easily manage and track their audience analytics and collaborations with brands as well as view insights into their followers' demographics and interests.

Check out how an Instagram creator profile looks on the platform: