How to Become an Instagram Influencer And Collaborate With Brands

Do you want to become an Instagram influencer and make money online? Here are tips to get started...

How to Become an Instagram Influencer And Collaborate With Brands

In recent years influencer marketing has become a very popular and effective way on social media to promote brands. Especially on Instagram, influencers are more well known, and the brands mostly choose Instagram influencers to promote their brand. As Instagram influencers can influence their audience, they can positively impact brand identity and increase popularity.

Brands consider influencers as their business partners and collaborate with them by making short-term or long-term partnerships. It has already been approved with results that influencers' activity is a very effective way to promote brands and make them more popular, increase visibility and even boost sales. But, before making successful results, those who decide to become an Instagram influencer and collaborate with brands should consider some essential factors and follow the guidelines to succeed in this profession.

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Six Tips To Become a Successful Instagram Influencer

Instagram influencers have a large audience with a great reach, so they can reach the popularity of brands by creating stories or posts about them. As a result, the audience trusts the influencers and always seeks from them the new brands and products to follow. If brands are interested in this effective type of marketing, they can find influencers by scraping Google.

Many influencers are out there, but the successful ones stand out from others through their activity, creativity, and trendiness. Take a look at ShoutCart and find information about Instagram top influencers and collaborate only with authentic influencers as this platform checks influencers' accuracy and authenticity. With us, you pay influencers for the service only when they publish your content. Moreover, ShoutCart provides tracking and statistics for your campaign and gives professional advice for a better result.

If you decide to become an Instagram influencer, consider some crucial tips to become a successful one in the market.

Define your niche and possible partners

One of the first steps to becoming an Instagram influencer is choosing the right niche appropriate to your personality, style, and the purpose of your blog. You should be well informed about the topics of your niche and passionate about it to tell your audience. Of course, many influencers also chose that niche, but your approach and style can differentiate you from others and even allow you to stand out. After defining the niche, you should take time to do proper research and work on connecting with potential partners.

The possible partners will become more evident and apparent if you choose the niche. By determining your potential partners, you can create your content and the direction of activity in such style and topics that will interest them. So, if you are more active and create appealing content, you will attract new partners over time.

To introduce yourself properly as an influencer, it's a good idea to have a website. It will quickly become your business card, and for the new offers, you can send them to the possible partners. To build a website, you would probably need web hosting for WordPress to make your site more reliable and professional-looking. Alternatively, you can build your website with Elementor. A popular WordPress website builder, Elementor now offers built-in cloud hosting for WordPress services.In addition, it would be great to use chatbots on the website to keep in touch with visitors and partners whether they entered your website or have questions.

Plan and structure your collaboration deal

After growing your audience on Instagram as an influencer, you should plan and structure your collaboration deal to attract more partners over time. First of all, plan your content and have the general requirements (price, style, etc.) and a comprehensive presentation of what you can provide. If you know what you can offer and show them the result, getting collaborations is getting higher.

Besides that, before planning a collaboration deal, you should have a large audience, some results with numbers, and appealing content which will attract potential customers and push them to choose you as their marketing mentor. Having a clear plan and structure will allow you to always be in business relationships and beneficial collaborations with potential partners. It would be best to have a clear goal in terms of working requirements, fixed prices, conditions, time, and other details to make the work more productive for both parties.

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If you want to collaborate with SaaS companies, you should introduce yourself in a unique way appropriate to the SaaS style. For example, in the case of sending partnership offers to SaaS companies, you can use SaaS email templates to make the offer look more professional and suitable for this field.

Reach out to potential partners and brands

After having a plan and structure of collaboration, it's essential to use that plan and reach potential partners and brands. Be sure that your niche and style match the brand's product. Contact them and discuss the working conditions and responsibilities beforehand to ensure that everything is clear and the final result is mutual. As almost everything went online, collaboration meetings occurred via different meeting apps. As the result of the meeting is essential for future collaborations, it would be great if nothing could distract the process. So you can make your partnership more productive by using noise-canceling software during meetings which will remove background noise and help you avoid unexpected issues during the meetings.

It's important to stay loyal to your niche and style, so choose the partners and brands that match. Get information about the brand's type, marketing strategy, and other details that can be necessary during the working process. As an influencer, you should be flexible enough to keep its style and satisfy partners' needs.

For example, suppose the company wants to launch and grow its brand on Amazon. In that case, influencers should get more information about these products, which will be promoted by the influencer, to reach the target audience and boost sales. Besides that, influencers should also know how to sell online to be more realistic and professional in their campaigns and fully imagine the process of selling products.

Understand their goals

In the collaboration, the most crucial part is the final result. But to reach the desired outcome for the client, the influencer must understand their goals beforehand and write their content plan appropriate to the brand's style, which will lead to the implementation of the purposes. But to understand the goals, first of all, influencers should do the brand research, feel the style, see the content on Instagram feed and then have a meeting with a partner to fully understand what they expect from the final result of the influencers campaign.

For example, suppose the influencer has the offer to promote a logo maker tool. In that case, it's essential to understand and learn its advantages thoroughly, what toolkit it provides, and who the target audience is. So, before starting a working process, it is essential to clearly understand the brand's goals and primary purposes and what results they expect from the influencer.

Carry out the campaign

Their Instagram account measures the influencers' activity, and the quality of content can be determined very quickly by just looking at their feed. So, influencers need to consider campaigns besides daily posts and stories. Run creative campaigns and unite your audience, attract new followers and bring something new to them. Campaigns would also attract brands, and the influencers would receive new offers after that.

Instagram tools allow you to create a campaign in a way you want to introduce it to the audience. Different tools in this platform allow sharing the campaign in stories, posts, reels, and live streams. Influencers can use all this toolkit of Instagram to succeed in their campaigns, only if they prepare it very creative and catchy. Campaigns can be in the form of competitions, giveaways, quizzes, etc.


Influencers can also run their online podcast to talk about exciting topics from their niche, attract new followers, and keep interested current followers. It will bring a fresh approach to making content and an absorbing way to say something new to the audience. Moreover, podcast tools allow them to become more popular and send a message to the audience more quickly.

Measure results and ROI

After running the campaign, it's crucial to measure results and ROI at the end to summarize all the negative and positive sides of the campaign and analyze it. There are many points to check and measure to see if the campaign was successful or not. For example, how many times users clicked on the post or how many times they shared it, watched the story, and expressed feedback in the section of comments.

Results are also reflected in the money for influencers and brands for which they run a campaign. To calculate the final ROI, it's simple to look into direct investments and the final income. If the payment is greater than the investment, the campaign succeeded. ROI measures how profitable the campaign was. So combining the results of Instagram numbers and ROI, influencers can plan the next campaign more carefully and reasonably.


To sum up, influencer marketing has become very popular, and brands seek influencers' services to promote their products, and results are pleasantly surprising. But becoming a successful influencer in the rapidly developing market is quite challenging. Influencers should build their professional image, create appealing and unique content to attract brands, and the final results in the form of numbers and ROI will show their actual abilities.