Top Best Practices of Promoting Podcasts on YouTube

Top Best Practices of Promoting Podcasts on YouTube

In the current digital age, where content creators are constantly seeking innovative ways to reach wider audiences, the podcast has found a new venue for growth on YouTube. Podcasts have immersive storytelling and captivating discussions, making them integral to our daily lives. Due to its massive user base and ability to captivate attention through audio and visual elements, YouTube enhances an exceptional platform for podcast promotion.

However, to navigate through this platform, you do not upload episodes and hope for the best. You must embrace the best practices tailored specifically for this venue. This article will explore the best methods of promoting podcasts on YouTube and why content creators and influencers run podcasts on YouTube.

What is a YouTube Podcast?

A YouTube podcast is a form of digital content that combines the elements of traditional podcast with video footage. It is typically an audio-based show recorded and uploaded onto YouTube for viewers to listen to. It combines traditional podcasts and YouTube videos. Unlike regular podcasts, which are usually streamed through audio on platforms like Spotify, YouTube podcasts offer a visual component, making them more engaging for viewers and reaching a wider audience.

Podcasts on YouTube has become an important niche with millions of accounts that give this content type a try. If you wonder why YouTube users consider using this format, keep on reading the post.

Why YouTubers Run Podcasts on the Platform?

The popularity of YouTube podcasts has increased recently, with more people jumping into the trend. Here are some reasons why YouTubers run podcasts on the platform.

  • Popularity of podcasts is on the rise: YouTube podcasts are recently becoming popular. By running podcasts on YouTube, YouTubers can tap into the growing podcast trend and cater needs of followers with different preferences. Content creators are able to connect with their audience on a deeper level. Over the past few years, podcasts have become a favoured form of entertainment and informational content for many people. The convenience and flexibility of listening to podcasts while multitasking or commuting have contributed to this popularity.
  • YouTube has a solid customer base: A solid customer base is one of the main reasons YouTubers choose to run podcasts on YouTube. YouTube has over two billion logged-in monthly active users, so content creators can reach a wider audience. Since many YouTubers have viewers already subscribed to their channels for video content, promoting their podcast episodes and encouraging followers to listen or watch simultaneously becomes easier. Also, YouTube's algorithm and recommendations play a significant role in promoting podcasts on the platform.
  • People consume video content easier: Another main reason why YouTubers run podcasts on the platform is because people consume video content easier. The rise of smartphones and access to high-speed internet has made video consumption increasingly popular among many individuals worldwide. Video content offers a visually engaging experience that captures viewers' attention in a way that audio or written content cannot. Visual cues like body language, facial expressions, and graphics help enhance the overall message conveyed in YouTube podcasts. The visual element adds richness and depth to the content, promoting higher engagement and making it more exciting and memorable for the audience.

Yes, there are at least three great reasons why podcasts on YouTube are popular among creators and visitors. And if you want to give it a try, let's check out the best practices for experienced YouTubers who share podcasts on their profiles.

6 Best Practices for Promoting Podcasts on YouTube

To promote your podcast on YouTube, you need various tips to help you reach a wider audience. Below are best practices that can help you promote podcasts on YouTube.

1. Create an Eye-Catching Video Preview Template

Creating an eye-catching video preview template is a top practice for promoting podcasts on YouTube. You can achieve this practice by starting your podcast with a visually engaging thumbnail that uses bold colors, captivating images or intriguing text. The thumbnail should effectively convey the essence of the podcast and entice potential viewers.

Check out a great example from Candace.

As one of the top-viewed YouTubers on the platform, she knows about the importance of previews, so Candace creates visuals that feature her to build a personal brand and the heroes to spark viewers' interest in podcasts. What is more, the creator puts the text on the visual to hint at what viewers can get while watching (or listening to) the podcast.

Additionally, maintain your listeners' interest through an attention-grabbing introduction. You can use dynamic visuals with compelling audio snippets from the podcast episode in the intro. This strategy gives viewers a taste of what they can expect and encourages them to stay tuned. Also, keep your video preview template concise and engaging.

2. Cite Interesting Quotes from Previous Podcasts

Quotes from previous podcasts are an excellent strategy to promote podcasts on YouTube. These snippets predict what will take place in the podcast episode, enticing them to listen to the entire conversation. You can use interesting quotes from renowned guest speakers who shared an unconventional perspective on a common topic. Compelling quotes from a heated debate between two experts can also be beneficial.

Additionally, you can add quotes to the preview. Here's an example of how it can look like:

Incorporating interesting quotes from previous podcasts helps create anticipation and curiosity among viewers or listeners. Ensure you select thought-provoking quotes that encapsulate the essence of the podcast's topic to help engage viewers and entice them to explore more. Also, sharing teaser quotes helps generate interest and attract new viewers who may not have been exposed to the podcast before.

3. Share the Next Episode Teaser

Sharing the next episode teaser has become increasingly popular among YouTubers as it helps generate excitement and anticipation among their listeners. A glimpse of what is to come can help content creators grab the attention of potential audiences and encourage them to subscribe or tune in for the whole episode. The strategy also helps podcasters to tap into a large and diverse audience base.

The next episode teaser may involve selecting intriguing clips or highlighting the upcoming episode to help pique the viewers' curiosity. You can include snippets of exciting discussions, compelling guest appearances, or entice revelations about forthcoming topics. These practices aim to give viewers enough information to make them eager and leave some questions unanswered to help motivate them to listen to the full episode.

4. Invite Popular YouTube Influencers

Inviting popular YouTube influencers can significantly help promote podcasts on the platform. This practice increases the chances of attracting an engaged and relevant audience. It also leverages the creator's existing audience and their ability to create engaging content that appeals to their audience.

For example, a podcast from Jay Shetty with Kim Kardashian got almost 2 million views in 2 months. When you invite popular influencers to your podcast, you get a chance to enter their communities of loyal fans who want to learn more about the opinion leaders.

To effectively implement this YouTube strategy, it is essential you research and identify influencers whose content aligns with your podcast's theme. Ensure you build relationships with influencers of choice through personalized networking to help establish a mutually beneficial collaboration. You can invite popular influencers as guests on your podcasts or ask them to review and recommend specific episodes.

5. Ask Your Guests for Shoutouts

Asking your guests for shoutouts is one of the best practices to help promote podcasts on YouTube. When you feature a guest with a sizeable following or who is highly influential, ask them to give a shoutout. Their endorsement can introduce a new audience to your podcast and attract more subscribers.

When asking for shoutouts, you can provide clear instructions and examples of how you may want them to promote your podcast. You may include specific hashtags or handles they should mention or share some eye-catching visuals related to the episode. Giving clear instructions makes it easy for your guest to give shoutouts and increase the chances of them doing so, helping amplify your reach on YouTube.

Plus, you can use alternative social media networks like Instagram to promote your YouTube podcast, just like in the example below:

6. Experiment with Vertical Video Formats

Vertical videos are recently becoming popular on social media platforms like Instagram because they are designed to be viewed on mobile devices. Experimenting with vertical video formats can highly promote podcasts on YouTube. Influencers can optimize their content for mobile viewing experience by creating vertical videos specifically for promoting podcasts.

For example, you can use vertical videos to promote podcasts on YouTube by creating short teaser videos highlighting snippets from your podcast episodes and sharing them on your channel. These teasers can help grab viewers' attention and lure them into listening to the full episode, leading to more video views.

Or you can also turn interesting podcast moments into YouTube shorts to grab the attention of a potential audience. Check out an example below:

Experimenting with different forms of vertical video formats can help YouTubers find what works best for their podcasts.


Promoting podcasts on YouTube can highly increase visibility and attract new listeners. By creating a video preview template, citing quotes from previous podcasts, sharing the next episode teaser, inviting popular YouTube influencers, asking your guests for shoutouts and experimenting with vertical video formats, you can successfully promote podcasts on YouTube. Start implanting these practices today, and watch your podcast grow exponentially on YouTube!