The Anatomy of a Well-Written Instagram Bio that Converts

The Anatomy of a Well-Written Instagram Bio that Converts

As one of the fastest-growing social media networks with a strong emphasis on visual content, Instagram still attracts engaged users which makes it one of the best options for brands or influencers to market their products and interact with the target audience.

Instagram has over 2 billion users, 90% of whom show interest in business accounts, so it has become an effective marketplace for brands and content creators. Now that more and more people want to sell on Instagram, it's getting harder to cut through the noise.

With a short lifespan of 8 seconds, you don't have much time to spark interest in your profile, so having a well-written Instagram bio is a proven way to attract your target audience and convert people into paying customers.

What is an Instagram Bio?

An Instagram bio is a small section under your profile image. It's just like a business card that tells your visitors and followers all important information about your profile in brief as it's limited to 150 characters and one clickable link.

If you have a business Instagram profile on the platform, you get access to more features like public business information (business category, physical address, and contact options) or you can even enable Instagram audio calling.

Baby Dove is a great example of a well-written Instagram bio:

Why Having a Well-Written Instagram Bio Matters?

At first glance, it's easy to write about yourself in the Instagram bio and therefore explain who you are and what you do.

A well-written Instagram bio is not just about the description of your personality; it also includes many aspects to help you stand in front of the target audience and convert.

Here are three reasons why having a well-written Instagram bio:

  • Look professional. As a popular marketing channel, Instagram has many businesses and creators who hope for the attention of the target audience. When you invest time and effort into writing a good IG bio, you look professional which helps to stand out from the competition.
  • Hook the attention of visitors. With a great number of profiles on the platform, it can be hard to spark interest in your account unless you have a well-written bio that resonates with your target audience and grabs their attention.
  • Attract your target audience. To get high-value followership that can convert into a customer base, it's important to attract followers who have interest in your business. The more detailed your Instagram bio is, the more chances to attract the right people to your profile.

Simply put, there are many reasons to convert with a well-written Instagram bio. Ready to learn about the anatomy of a well-written Instagram bio? Check out this step-by-step guide to creating a well-written Instagram bio that converts.

1. Keep Your Bio Informative and Descriptive

The first step toward having a well-written bio is to make it descriptive and informative to hint users at who you are and what you do.

All information you use in the bio section can help visitors understand better whether your views and values resonate with them or whether your products match their needs or wants.

For instance, you can learn from Levi’s and tell what your customers can get after buying from you:

Or you can also inspire from Instagram’s own profile that helps creators become better at what they do. Having a short yet descriptive bio, this account attracts the right audience that converts:

2. Include Your Primary and Secondary Keywords

In the last few years, Instagram has become one of the most popular channels for product discovery as over 83% of users do research to find relevant products in-app. Today, brands even use Instagram for small business growth, but knowing optimization tips can help a ton.


When searching for the right business profile, people type words that better describe their needs in the search bar.

Knowing these request words, you can define your primary keyword to include it in your bio and therefore help interested users discover your page.

Let’s take this company for example. The company specializes in creating different candles and it writes about its key products in the bio to help people find what they might be looking for.

The secret is that Instagram’s algorithm shows users profiles that reflect their inquiries, so using primary and secondary keywords in the bio is an important element of a well-written bio.

3. Add Brand Hashtags and Tag Instagram Handles

Being limited to 150 characters in the bio section, it can be hard to write down everything you want your visitors to know about your business.

Luckily, you can always provide Instagrammers with additional information if you have additional handles or use a branded hashtag that briefly describes your company.

First, you can tag another handle. Whether you have a profile that deals with customer support or you want to tag your brand’s owner, there are several ways to use this option for maximum impact.

Second, you may have a branded hashtag that can help interested people find what they need when scrolling Instagram.

All in all, it’s a good idea to use this trick to provide visitors with additional information about your company, its products, or values.

Check out this example of this strategy from Lulus:

4. Offer Something Unique

The modern market has overchoice which means your potential customers have too many options of nearly the same products.

To interact with your target audience, it’s important to offer something unique that makes you any different from other companies in your niche.

The best way is to write about your offer in the bio and therefore let visitors know the benefits of being your follower with the quick scan of your profile. Here’s how Madalina Coffee did:

And check out how another profile offers something unique in the bio:

If you wonder what you can offer in the bio section, consider using one of the following ideas:

  • Discounts
  • Free membership/demos/shipping
  • A branded gift

To convert visitors into followers, always include a note that your offer is available for following only.

5. Write a Strong Call to Action

A well-written Instagram bio always has a strong call to action (CTA), a short line of text, that guides on what your visitors should do next after scanning your bio section.

Whether you want your visitors to check out your website or become your follower, it’s important to tell about it with a call to action as it’s proven that this marketing tactic quickly delivers results.

Although you can add a CTA anywhere in the text, most users write it In the end of the bio section, right above the website link.

For inspiration, take a look at this profile:

No matter who you are, whether a brand, an influencer, or a common user, you can always include one clickable link in the bio.

Since it appears right below the bio section, it grabs the attention of your audience, so chances are that it can drive more traffic or redirect users to other channels you use.

Want to know the best part? To convert visitors into potential customers, there’s a great way to make the most out of lead generation hacks and include a lead generation landing page as a link.

Foundr knows the importance of leads for its business, so the company includes a lead generation landing page on Instagram:

The more leads you generate on Instagram, the more potential customers you can get even if these people don’t opt for following you in-app.

One more thing: users are limited to one website link in the bio.

But if you have many links you find useful for your audience, you can still promote all of them. The secret is to use  handy tools like Linktree or that allow people to create landing pages with multiple links.

7. Let Your Creativity Run Wild

As one of the most popular social media networks on the internet, Instagram has millions of users who expect to grab the attention of your audience.

The days when you could find a blog post with creative Instagram bios and copy it to your profile are long gone.

Today, people want to see something unusual and unique when reading your bio. Thus, it’s important to let your creativity run wild.

For example, you can use unusual fonts in your bio:

Or you can break down your bio with emojis:

If you know more creative ideas on how to make your bio section eye-catching, that’s even better as it gives you a solid chance to stand out from the crowd and convert your visitors into followers who are ready to engage with your brand.

In a Word

With a big number of users on the platform who want to follow profiles that resonate with their views and values, having a well-written Instagram bio is a must.

Not only does it provide visitors with information about you, but it also helps them understand whether your profile can be interesting for them with just a few seconds.

The anatomy of a well-written bio includes username, bio section, website link, and contact information. When you make the most out of each element, you get a chance to better describe what you do and therefore attract the right audience that converts.