Shoutcart Updates: March 30th, 2016

Dear Shoutcart members!

In the last few months, we have experienced tremendous growth of our platform, we now have over 600 publishing partners, and 2000+ advertisers in our system generating earnings on daily basis.

With the growth we are receiving, we had to adjust certain features of our website and create additional tools for both advertisers and publishers.  Important new features are:

Search accounts by keyword

With the growth of our network, its becoming increasingly harder to find specific shoutouts for purchase, we introduced a search bar on browse page for easy search.

Success rate

To battle inactive and dead accounts, we are introducing success rate, available on shoutout view. This ratio shows how many orders the vendor has completed successfully against how many received. Higher % means your chances of getting posted are higher, and the vendor is most likely very active.

Posting timeframes

Advertisers no longer have to worry about having their shoutouts run weeks after schedule. Our vendors are now locked to posting shoutouts during preferred shoutout time window of 72hrs, otherwise the orders will get canceled. Vendors get email notifications 1hr prior to posting, so they never miss your shoutout time.

Easy cancelations

We are making it easier for advertisers to cancel shoutouts. Just go into order view and if your shoutout is 72hrs past order time, you are able to get money back to your balance immediately.

Other notable features:

  • print pdf invoices – those who require invoices for accounting can now download them with ease on orders view. orders have to have “success” status.
  • repeat orders – want to quickly re-order same shoutouts for a new promotion? now available for all advertisers on orders view. orders have to have “success” status.
  • add to favorites – some users expressed interest in saving shoutouts for list building and later reordering, now you have that option. Look for star icon in your top menu
  • edit invoices – you are able to edit your invoice in your cart, without deleting entire order, look for edit invoice button in your cart
  • last active on user profile – to better sift through inactive users and accounts, we now let you see when the user was last active on our platform.

Thank you for using Shoutcart to grow your businesses. If you have any questions, comments, or feature requests, please comment below.

Kind Regards,
Serg – Founder of Shoutcart