Minimum shoutout price increase

Dear Shoutcart influencers, we are raising our minimum pricing requirement to $10 per shoutout.

$10 per shoutout

If you currently sell shoutouts under $10, we encourage you to go into your account settings and adjust your hourly pricing to reflect the minimum requirement. If $10 is a stretch for your audience, you are welcome to set $10 pricing for multiple hourly options and drive your customers to purchase longer duration shoutouts, such as 24 hour or permanent options.

Deadline to update pricing is Wednesday Sept 12, 2018 at 11am PST after which we will update everyone under $10 automatically.

As we improve our platform, the $10 minimum will allow us to reduce amount of difficult customers, offer better support to our influencers and grow yours and our business in sustainable ways.

Kind regards,
Shoutcart Team