Evergreen YouTube Content Ideas for Everyone

Evergreen YouTube Content Ideas for Everyone

Video content continues to dominate the modern arena. It is unsurprising, considering the audio and visual combination's impact compared to a text block. Videos easily capture the users' attention and are more engaging.

Video content is getting more and more popular among users:

It also affects the rapidly growing popularity of social media platforms for video content, including YouTube.

YouTube as one of the fastest-growing social media platforms for video content

Since its launch, YouTube's steady rise and dominance in the video content industry have been impressive. In the last 15 years, YouTube has scaled from about 200 million monthly active users to over 2.5 billion.

Here's a recent infographic on YouTube statistics that prove its popularity among internet users:

The growth is associated with factors including:

  • Content diversity
  • Numerous monetization opportunities
  • Algorithmic recommendations
  • Mobile accessibility
  • User engagement rates
  • The platform's global reach, to name a few.

Content creators aspire to tap into YouTube's massive user base and amass a notable following. This is possible with a winning YouTube strategy, which significantly hinges on understanding your target audience and creating valuable content. Evergreen content is among the top YouTube video content creators can't discount. Let's look at evergreen content, its importance, and ideas to get started.

What Are Evergreen YouTube Content Ideas?

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant and valuable over an extended period. The content is not seasonal or based on current trends. Evergreen YouTube video content delivers notable benefits, including:

  • Consistent traffic generation - The content doesn't lose value fast, which helps bring in more traffic long after publication.
  • Improved search engine ranking - Relevance to search engine queries, especially over time, helps rank better on SERPs (search engine result pages), making your channel easily discoverable and visible to more users.
  • Higher revenue - Evergreen content remains relevant for an extended period, which drives more traffic and subscribers. The content also helps attract more collaborations and sponsorship opportunities, improving your reach and monetization opportunities.
  • Loyal following - Users are more likely to subscribe to your YouTube channels if they find the content helpful. This fosters long-term relationships, helping you secure more loyal subscribers and extend your reach.

Creating evergreen YouTube content is beneficial on many fronts, but how do you go about it? Here are a few evergreen YouTube content ideas to set you on the right track.

1. Tell Your Story

Your story isn't tied to a specific trend or current event, which makes it a great starting point as you look for evergreen content ideas. The best part about telling your story is that it is easily relatable, which can appeal to and attract more users. A valuable tip when telling your story is to ensure it is authentic. Don't be scared to show your vulnerabilities since that could be what it takes to set you apart from others.

Even dry B2B companies like Microsoft leverages the power of storytelling to get deeper connections with their audiences:

Telling your story helps you connect better with users and enjoy higher engagement rates. This is more so they are likely going through what you did or already experienced and feel more connected to you. You can explore diverse angles and create eye-catching videos about your story, such as how you overcame adversity or your YouTube journey.

2. Create Explainer Videos

Explaining those complex topics in an easy-to-understand way is helpful. This means you can attract significant engagements as users look for simplified solutions to their complex problems. The topics can range from:

  • Technology
  • Finance
  • History
  • Products, to name a few

Among the winning benefits of explainer videos is that they can easily be on other websites. This includes other users using your videos on their site, a link-building measure that can help rank your channel higher on SERPs and generate more traffic. Moreover, you can easily refresh and update the explainer videos as needed and keep its evergreen impact going even longer.

One social media management tool NapoleonCat always use explainer videos on YouTube to educate its audience and it gives results–people are more likely to get a product once they see the benefits of using it.

3. Leverage the Power of Lifestyle Videos

Relationships, self-care, finance, productivity, and basic life skills provide extensive evergreen topic ideas you can explore for your YouTube videos. These topics are always in demand as people strive to improve their lifestyles.

You can realize notable engagement with videos as simple as how to make friends, set boundaries, and develop a healthy relationship. Basic life skills like quick meal hacks, cleaning your bathroom, or fixing leaky faucets can drive more traffic and engagement to your YouTube channels, and the content offers value for years.

Here's this strategy from H&M:

4. Share Handy Tutorials

DIYs are a huge thing in today's information age. Users need helpful information to get the most out of the DIYs, which provides content creators with a massive pool to explore. You can make video tutorials about virtually anything.

A step-by-step guide on painting a room, changing a tire, unclogging a toilet, decluttering a room, or changing a light bulb can take your YouTube channel to the next level. The content focuses on skills users need to navigate basic aspects the DIY way, which doesn't often change. This means you'll keep attracting users to the YouTube channel.

If you have experience in a particular field, you can even create a series of tutorials, just like Sephora:

5. Record Educational Video Podcasts

Educational videos are among the most sought-after YouTube content. The videos are more engaging and fun than traditional learning materials. They also provide users with a more convenient and flexible learning experience as they consume the content at their own pace. You can make educational content covering your areas of expertise or interests, making the process more fun.

You could teach a new topic, offer motivation, or focus on practice and reinforcement as per your preferences and target audience. Educational materials remain helpful for years, even with new ideas emerging. This is because the emerging concepts build on existing materials, meaning your educational YouTube videos will still be useful and relevant for decades. Hubspot is a great example:

6. Take Viewers Behind-the-Scenes

Taking viewers behind the scenes is among the most effective ways to foster better relationships. It builds on your story, especially as you take the users through your processes. The users get a glimpse of what goes into your creation process, which exudes your passion and values.

If you run a local business and you use Youtube marketing to promote it, you can draw inspiration from this cafe:

Behind-the-scenes videos help you win trust and create a buzz around your channel. These valuable assets can help build a huge loyal following, especially when shared, which expands your reach. Since your processes aren't based on certain events, the behind-the-scenes content won't lose its value soon, allowing you to use it to attract more followers on YouTube in the long run.

7. Record an Interview with Niche Influencers

Influencers have a notable loyal following. Interviewing niche influencers allows you to reach an audience you may not be able to access on your own. Influencer collaboration is among the most effective ways to drive more users to your YouTube channel and realize higher engagement rates.

The interviews, covering the influencer's field of expertise, help you provide the audience with valuable content they may not find elsewhere. This means you deliver high-quality content and expand your reach, which benefits you, the influencer, and your audience. It is a win for everyone; even better, you develop healthy relationships with influencers for future collaborations.

Moreover, you can generate backlinks since the influencer can share the interview on their YouTube channel and other social media platforms, further expanding your reach. Since the evergreen content stays up and generates more traffic, niche influencer interviews can significantly improve your YouTube channels' performance.


Leveraging YouTube, one of the fastest-growing social media platforms for video content is a smart decision. Brands, content creators, and influencers, among others, can explore the platform's numerous ways to engage the ever-growing user base and monetize their channels. Content is the main ingredient, and investing in evergreen YouTube content is among the top options as you consider ways to keep your target audience hooked.

Unlike seasonal content that generates traffic for a given period, evergreen content can help you to steadily and organically grow your YouTube channel. The main tip is to ensure you create helpful content. Users find value in such content, keep returning to your channel for more, and even share the videos. Creating evergreen YouTube content can prove easier than expected, especially with practical ideas like the ones highlighted above.