How to Level-up Your Visual Branding on Instagram

Do you want to get your branding on Instagram right? Do you want to attract the right followers? Here are some tips.

How to Level-up Your Visual Branding on Instagram

Instagram is no longer a platform to share pictures you would not want to share on Facebook. Instead, it has become a home for small entrepreneurs and influencers to promote brands online shops and drive sales.

Moreover, there are 123 million active users on Instagram only in the US. Hence, it is vital to have a well-thought and well-designed Instagram grid, visuals, content, stories, and videos.

Tips to boost your visual branding on Instagram

Although it might seem that Instagram is not flexible with the 3-grid interface, you can do a lot with the choice of colors and images to make it appealing and selling. Along with marketing automation, leveling up businesses' online presence on Instagram is a step forward to successful marketing results. These steps will ensure you level up your visual branding on Instagram.

Visual Branding

We have heard a lot that visuals are worth more than texts. So, building your visual branding is equally essential as well-chosen words and texts. The use of SOP templates can help you perform your tasks of visual branding smoothly. Visual branding means to have a combination of style, colors, and text fonts that represent your brand at its best, which means that when someone sees a single photo or a screenshot of your Instagram grid, they can immediately tell that it is your brand.

In addition, it should be recognizable and easy to remember, no matter if you are selling online courses or cosmetic products. So, make sure you have a unique style, including the colors and fonts describing you, stickers, and aesthetics created by you.

Decide Your Style

Depending on your business type, you should determine the style your Instagram will follow. By saying style, it means the visual characteristics you are going to choose for your Instagram. Those can be the fonts, colors, additional stickers, and even the use of emojis to form a style. So, not to have a messy Instagram feed, sit down and plan your Instagram Style.

Choose Brand Colors

The colors should hint at the essence of your business. For instance, if you are running a dental business, you can choose to have a blue and white color combination with dental attributes. Of course, you can mix some other colors because you might not want to be too monotone, but these colors should gently go with the primary colors of your brand and Instagram feed.

Having relevant and appealing brand colors will also help you with other email or content marketing strategies. While in such cases, you should also focus on the DMARC report for emails and proper grammar for content, representing your brand colors is essential to finalize the process.

Adjust Text Fonts

You can go with Sans Serif fonts with more strict and clear-cut lines. The choice of fonts will visually tell your Instagram visitors about your brand. However, it is more important to keep the chosen font consistent, as combining too many fonts will create the image of being a mess. It does not mean that you cannot merge with other fonts, but it is good to keep the style for a while so that your brand will be recognizable.

Create Relevant Stickers

To add more details on your Instagram, you can create your stickers. This way, you will be able to grab more attention and have easy-to-recognize attributes when someone meets your brand on their feed. Moreover, using the sticker on Instagram stories will get you more customer engagement since others can also use them, and you will find out after a while that your stickers are gone viral.

Apply Aesthetics

If you want to pepper your Instagram grid, you can add more aesthetics by simply adding monotone images with minor attributes. For example, let’s say you post a picture of your dental clinic every other day, your happy clients, your successful dental job, your clients' white and sparkling smiles, etc. But once for a while, not to make your Instagram grid heavy, rather eye-pleasing and aesthetic, you can go with simple images, the content of which might not be selling, but creating a lovely mood. These aesthetics will also help attract more visitors for your website blog, make them engage more with your brand, and keep your company in mind.

It is Important To Have

As important unique and recognizable style is, so are the correctly formatted and written name and username, BIO section, post schedule, stories, and reels. After all, successful Instagram marketing assists your company’s multichannel marketing strategy. In addition, the combination of the well-chosen process contributes to the overall level-up of your brand and online presence.

Easy Name/username

Your name should be easy to find and easy to remember. The same refers to your username. “People might not see your Instagram account easily if you have too many symbols and dashes or dots in your name. Try to keep it simple, relevant to your business, and easy to read,” says Brian Lim, CEO of iHeartRaves & INTO THE AM.

Informative BIO

The first thing your account visitors will notice is your BIO section. You have 150 characters to use for your BIO section, so make it informative within that limit. You may not fit in presenting all of your products or services in your BIO section, but you should include your business’s location, address, and phone number. This way, your followers will be able to find and contact you quickly when they see your business attractive, reliable, and catchy in the first place.

Series of Unique Posts

Planning is essential, so you should always think ahead of your posts. We suggest you have at least 10 post ideas ahead of time to know what your Instagram grid will look like when your next post is coming up. It will also help you prepare materials, images, and texts and schedule your posts before they get published. Using the right hashtags can also go a long way.

Stories and Reels

You should use the potential of Instagram to the fullest. Hence it is essential to think about the stories and reels. You wouldn’t want to repeat yourself in your posts and use the same images for your reels or stories. So you might need some time planning on what content your followers or account visitors should see when they check your stories and reels, thus helping your brand in acquiring new customers.

Wrapping up

To level up your visual branding on Instagram, you should define and determine the style of your Instagram account. Choose the colors and the fonts of your brand, and follow the pattern. Not the monotony, but the consistency would make your brand visually memorable and recognizable. Ensure post aesthetics and pepper up your Instagram activities with made-by-you stickers.

Finally, do not forget to have a solid name and username, informative and well-designed BIO, stories, and reels. With all of this in your hand, you will be ready to nail your visual branding on Instagram.