Bio Links for Instagram

We are excited to launch ability to purchase Bio Links on Shoutcart!


What is a Bio Link for Instagram?

Bio link is a URL link that Instagram accounts have in their profile as “website” link, they are the only clickable links that are able to drive outbound traffic from Instagram to your offer.

Why is this a big deal?

Until now, advertisers were required to drive traffic from purchased shoutout to their IG account and directing users to click their bio link. This created additional friction between impression and action. Purchasing shoutouts with Bio links direct from Instagram publishers would put an end to that friction, and further re-enforce consumer trust to click the link and take action.

Non-incentive Actions

Instagram publishers use affiliate networks to monetize their follower base, they often incentivize their followers to go and click these bio links resulting in fake incentive traffic for advertisers.

With Shoutcart, advertisers are able to choose what message is displayed to consumers before they click the bio link. That message is the shoutout and you can purchase shoutouts along side bio links.


The process is pretty straight forward, you purchase shoutouts like you used to before, but if you choose pricing duration with a bio link, you will have an option to add your URL on the checkout page! The vendors will post the link to their bio in addition to your image and caption for the shoutout.

Click Here to see a list of vendors that are ready to sell shoutouts with bio link attached!

Kind Regards,
Shoutcart Team