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Shoutout on my very active instagram account with 100% Real Followers

This account is targeted on dogs and puppies. We post any type of dogs, puppies, and dog related products only.

We are getting between 10,000 - 15,000+ likes on average per picture at the moment and still growing daily.

My best post has 62,000+ likes with 1800+ comments

I also getting 600 - 1,000 new followers daily

Note to buyers:

  1. Posts must be dogs/puppies or dog related products only.
  2. Only one Instagram profile can be tagged per order.
  3. Upto 30 hashtags are allowed per post.

Reminder: If you order Permanent shoutout with bio link, the link will be deleted in 24 hours. The shoutout itself will remain on my account permanently.


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